Laundry Soap (Review)- ♻️🍃

GreenLife, Laundry, Review


My All Natural Laundry Soap👗

I’m a very allergic person specially when it comes to laundry detergent but since I found this brand I was very excited to share with you my review and experience with these new laundry detergent. I was scared because it was all natural, scared that it wouldn’t do a great job. But instead I was really amazed by the results, my clothing looks more clean and bright. I haven’t got any skin allergy and since my husband play sports I was very scared that the sweat wouldn’t come off the clothes because it was natural ingredients, but I have to say that the smell went away.

No allergies for the baby, no allergies for me and my husband’s clothing smell just clean.

I’ll leave a link of a video👇 that will demonstrate you the good things about the soap. You can buy this soap at I strongly recommend this if you’re looking for products with no chemicals that works better than the ones

with chemicals. I recommend you to watch the video that I linked below before making a decision. I hope these review helps.

Video Demo of Nellie’s soap👇


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