How much makeup its TOO much makeup?

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Stephanie Vergara asked:How much makeup is too much makeup?

Here is the answer 😉

Pretty simple, I will explain this using pictures instead of too much blah blah..

Take a look at this 2 makeup looks? Guess whos wearing more makeup, Picture A or Picture B?





Well, Picture B is actually the one wearing more makeup products. It’s not about whos wearing more makeup is about who looks more natural or whos wearing the makeup look RIGHT. Picture A is using about 9 different makeup products, look B is using over 35 makeup products.

Another thing to consider is that, you want to accentuate only ONE part of your face if you dont want to look like your wearing too much makeup.

Accentuate your eyes ( that means, soft face, soft lips)


Accentuate your lips (that means, soft face, soft eyes)


Its all about learning how you balance all this makeup. Pick whos going to be the spotlight, your eyes or your lips ?

I hope this helped.


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