Makeup and Photography.


Best thing about photography is that I can promote my makeup looks with it. Delivering a high quality makeup look. For example, my model in this picture, Lisa.




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Photography has always been part of my life. Since I was a little kid I remember my dad collecting cameras and been passionate about it. Now, his daughter has decided to incorporate those dreams into her life. Ill be trying new photography looks and mixing it with my style. Hope you guys enjoy this new journey.


Laundry Soap (Review)- ♻️🍃

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My All Natural Laundry Soap👗

I’m a very allergic person specially when it comes to laundry detergent but since I found this brand I was very excited to share with you my review and experience with these new laundry detergent. I was scared because it was all natural, scared that it wouldn’t do a great job. But instead I was really amazed by the results, my clothing looks more clean and bright. I haven’t got any skin allergy and since my husband play sports I was very scared that the sweat wouldn’t come off the clothes because it was natural ingredients, but I have to say that the smell went away.

No allergies for the baby, no allergies for me and my husband’s clothing smell just clean.

I’ll leave a link of a video👇 that will demonstrate you the good things about the soap. You can buy this soap at I strongly recommend this if you’re looking for products with no chemicals that works better than the ones

with chemicals. I recommend you to watch the video that I linked below before making a decision. I hope these review helps.

Video Demo of Nellie’s soap👇

Devonne By Demi (Skincare Review)

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 I wanted to try this product soooo bad! Im addicted on trying new skincare products but I also like to read a lot of reviews before purchasing. This product didnt have that many reviews so I decided to buy it and Blog about my results with it . But before, let me give you a little info about my skin type (since results and reviews on skincare depends a lot on which type you have)

My skin: Oily, only get pimples during hormonal changes(only once a month 1-3 pimples), have acne scars from puberty, decent skin overall.

Product First Impression:

Cleanser- usually you have to pump a product only once to get the quantity required, since my skin is oily I have to use double the amount 2-pumps. Smells really good, citrus and sweet. Nice consistency. (I personally use cleansers with my Clarisonic, all the time)


Hydrating Spray- Good smell, I immediately can feel the product working in my face. Love the feeling.


3-1 Moisturizer- The smell😍 OMG, like muffins, love it! , good texture , doesnt clog pores, it definitely moist the skin, big difference from dry skin to soft and healthy skin. It claims to also be a primer with blurring effect, it does, for me that effect only lasts half a day because im very oily.
PS-Even if you have very oily skin, moisturizing is a MUST to avoid wrinkles and have beautiful skin, and even to regulate the oil production in your face.

My experience, My skin:

–I have noticed brighter skin, healthy,softer, smells amazing, looks radiant. I havent notice any change in my acne or acne scars. But my skin overall looks brighter and healthy. I wasn’t expecting much since Ive used more expensive treatments in the past like Clinique, Chanel, Dior, Estee Lauder, etc. This Devonne by Demi is good, specially since is natural and botanical product line. I wouldnt recommend for people trying to treat bad acne. I STRONGLY recommend this for people with dry or sensitive skin. I also recommend it to people with Normal to Oily skin but i have to say the moisturizer (which i like) , leaves your skin a little bit shiny after a couple hours. 😔 . Im still using it in a regular basis because I feel my skin healthier and brighter.😃 Is the perfect skincare line to MAINTAIN,  not treat, healthy skin.

My ratings:

Smell ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Brighter and Healthier Skin ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

For Dry or Sensitive Skin: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

For normal to oily skin: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

For Acne problems:⭐️

Click here👉 Devonne by Demi

Please feel free to comment below👇🏼

Benefit RollerLash Mascara (Review)



I bought this new mascara about 2 months ago. I wanted to post a review on it after I used it different ways.

So many commercials about it  , cute and fashionable ads about this “magic” mascara, I had to buy it. Here is a summary of my thoughts.


– You don’t have to use it a couple of times when you first buy it to have a good consistency. It’s a good formula, first use is excellent enough.

-Nice packaging

-Good brush, if you use it correctly it WONT leave you with spider lashes.


-Does not CURL your lashes 😂. It does everything but what was made for.

I hope this review helps 👍

How much makeup its TOO much makeup?

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Stephanie Vergara asked:How much makeup is too much makeup?

Here is the answer 😉

Pretty simple, I will explain this using pictures instead of too much blah blah..

Take a look at this 2 makeup looks? Guess whos wearing more makeup, Picture A or Picture B?





Well, Picture B is actually the one wearing more makeup products. It’s not about whos wearing more makeup is about who looks more natural or whos wearing the makeup look RIGHT. Picture A is using about 9 different makeup products, look B is using over 35 makeup products.

Another thing to consider is that, you want to accentuate only ONE part of your face if you dont want to look like your wearing too much makeup.

Accentuate your eyes ( that means, soft face, soft lips)


Accentuate your lips (that means, soft face, soft eyes)


Its all about learning how you balance all this makeup. Pick whos going to be the spotlight, your eyes or your lips ?

I hope this helped.

Clarisonic-Skincare MUST HAVE

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This skincare product has been part of my skincare routine for over a year and has make the biggest change on my skin. No matter what skincare line you use or what your regimen is, this tool will make the biggest impact on your skin.

When I stop using it for more than 3 days I can see my skin texture going back to bad again. Also, if you wear makeup this brush is a MUST HAVE. I mean, it doesnt matter if you use makeup or not, if your skin is oily or sensitive, its meant to deep clean your face, and you can use it twice a day. This is NOT an exfoliator, its a deep cleaning brush. There’s a big difference , deep cleaning takes all the dirt out of your pores, dirt that you accumulate during the day: Makeup, air pollution, skincare products left overs etc.

This product comes with special brushes for : Sensitive Skin, Normal Skin, Oily Skin, Deep Pore cleansing etc.



  Better cleansing than hands alone      Softer skin
  Greater absorption of Vitamin C after use     More radiant, glowing skin

Daily use is proven safe and gentle


Welcome to my Blog!


Hi !

My name is Yeriika and I just started as a BeautyBlogger. My YouTube Channel will be starting June 2015. Subscribe now so you get to see everything as soon as I post it. Ill be blogging about: Beauty, Makeup, Glamour, Skincare and much more. Also there will be Giveaways. Follow me on instagram @yeriika_mua. Thanks for your patience and see you in June 2015 !

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Basis Face Cleanser

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NEW Discovery!


(Click image to buy product)

Looking for an affordable Facial Skin Cleanser that’s cheap but effective?

I recently decided to try Basis Cleanser. I was very happy with my skin results. I have a normal to oily skin and it took all my makeup and oil off my face in only one wash, leaving my skin with a nice clean smell and ready for my other skincare products. I paid $3.97 for this cleanser at Walmart.

Here is more info about the product:

Basis Cleaner Clean Face Wash, 6 fl oz:

  • 100% oil-free and soap-free
  • Gentle botanicals clean and clarify
  • Refreshing mint, purifying lemon-grass and soothing aloe leaves skin simply clean, simply glowing
  • Just right for normal to oily skin
  • Deep cleans + refreshes
  • Soap-free face wash foams away makeup, dirt and pollution